Edges of Abstraction The Art of Eleanor Mackey (1932–2014)

The Nipissing Region Curatorial Collective has published a book about Eleanor Mackey

51 pages, 23 mm X 18 mm, 23 colour images

From the publisher:

Eleanor Mackey was a pioneer of abstract art who lived for much of her life on Bear Mountain at the northern edges of Algonquin Park in Northern Ontario, Canada. The Nipissing Region Curatorial Collective has published Edges of Abstraction: The Art of Eleanor Mackey (1932-2014) documenting her work and life as an artist living in isolation and raising a family of five. The book helps all of us to understand and remember a beautiful artist, her life, art and place in Canadian art history.

Our NRCC group has been developing and producing arts events, exhibitions and documents since 2013. We are focused on the art of Northern Ontario and on artworks that derive from nature and the environment. We will be sending copies to libraries, galleries and schools across Canada and offering it for sale to the public. 


Eleanor Mackey, Artist: A Dedication
doug mackey

Dive In: Eleanor Mackey and Formalism in Toronto
christopher régimbal

Eleanor Mackey: The Ecstasy (and Agony) of Painting in a Male-dominated Art World
heather saunders 

Wide-eyed and Joyful…at the Edges of the World
dermot wilson 

Times and Places in the Life of Eleanor Mackey, Mostly in her Own Words…

Christopher Régimbal is a Senior Exhibitions Manager at the National Gallery of Canada. He has worked as a writer, curator, and arts professional in Toronto, Montreal, and North Bay.

Heather Saunders is the Director of the Ingalls Library at the Cleveland Museum of Art. She has exhibited throughout the US and Canada and is the author of Artist in Transit.

Dermot Wilson is an artist and curator. He has worked in various media including video, time-based installation, digital imaging and performance to create works that include meditations upon his relationships with the community and the environment.

Edges of Abstraction is available to purchase from the Past Forward Company Store for $25 CAN.

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