Some recent additions

We have made a few additions recently.

  1. Images have been added to the following Gallerys: Drawings, New School of Art and later works.

    “Grandma Johnston” (Mother), 1960. Pencil on paper (8 X 10 “)
  2. Pages of images of newspaper reviews of from the 1960s. Including Text transcripts to make them more readable. 
  3. A section in the Driven To Abstraction show at the WPK Kennedy page on the reconstruction of Eleanor’s studio.

    Reconstruction of Eleanor Mackey’s studio at WKP Kennedy Gallery

Our brand new website for Eleanor Mackey

Eleanor Mackey working on colour studies 2000s

Hello we are going live today with our new website. Have patience It is still under construction and we have much more to add.  Please let us know what you think, and point out any problems with the content or site navigation.



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Thank You,
Paul Mackey